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We operate three car washes throught Portland area. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are eco-friendly.


The frequency of washing your car depends on various factors, such as your local environment, driving conditions, and personal preferences. In general, it is recommended to wash your car once every week to maintain its appearance and protect its paint. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather, near the coast, or encounter heavy road grime, more frequent washing may be necessary. Regular washing helps prevent the buildup of contaminants that can damage the paint and preserves the overall condition of your vehicle.

You should wash off insect residue from your car as soon as possible. Insect remains, such as bugs and their acidic secretions, can be highly corrosive to your vehicle’s paint if left for an extended period. Promptly removing the residue helps prevent paint damage and ensures your car stays looking clean and well-maintained. Additionally, the longer the residue stays on the surface, the more challenging it becomes to clean, making it essential to address it quickly to avoid potential damage.

The type of car wash you should choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you want a quick and convenient option, our touchless car wash provides a gentle exterior cleaning without physically touching the vehicle. For a more detailed cleaning experience, our hand wash offers personalized attention and care, ideal for maintaining your car’s pristine appearance. If you’re looking for a comprehensive cleaning solution, our mini detail and deep clean services cover both interior and exterior, leaving your car spotless inside and out. Ultimately, the choice is yours based on the level of care and attention you desire for your vehicle.

Yes, touchless car washes are considered one of the safest car wash options available. Since they use high-pressure water jets and chemical solutions to clean the vehicle’s exterior without any physical contact, there is a reduced risk of potential scratches or swirl marks on the car’s paint. Touchless car washes are particularly gentle on the vehicle’s surface, making them a preferred choice for maintaining a scratch-free finish. However, it’s essential to note that touchless car washes may not be as effective in removing certain types of heavy, bonded dirt or road grime, which might require physical agitation in other car wash methods.


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